Wow the Percy Jackson series has got some great perspective on environmental issues. Very blunt and straight to the point. I dig it.

I’m just gonna lay in bed until my uterus decides to not make me feel like i’m dying

this is the worst period i’ve had in years


i guess this is the payback of only having a period every few months

So I just saw Sea of Monsters and

I am so sorry Percy Jackson fandom.

They have made a total train wreck of book to movie adaption.

Me:*in my room by myself* I'm hungry
Me:*doesn't see any easily reachable food*
Me:oh well
Me:*stays in bed for ten years*

Sometimes I get self conscious about wearing an outfit more than a few times but then I remember that being an outfit rememberer is much worse than being an outfit repeater.

My birthday

is in 6 days and i just want a cute person to shower me in attention and cuddles.

or money.


Feminism is about dismantling systems that are preventing equality from being possible (racism, sexism, sizeism, ableism, etc.)

and if you ain’t cool with that

I’m not cool with you

Selfies are good for you

Here’s to parents

The supportive and loyal ones
The ones who push their kids to do the best they can
Who award their children when they do good
Who don’t take favorites