My birthday

is in 6 days and i just want a cute person to shower me in attention and cuddles.

or money.


Feminism is about dismantling systems that are preventing equality from being possible (racism, sexism, sizeism, ableism, etc.)

and if you ain’t cool with that

I’m not cool with you

Selfies are good for you

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Hey everyone! This is my dear, sweet friend Jetta Mae who is a trans woman currently going through transition and getting ready for surgery. She’s having a really hard time right now, to the point that she is living on our couch because she can’t afford her own place. This fundraiser is to help her cover expenses before and after this surgery. Please Tumblr, if you can’t help please at least reblog and share. She’s had a rough life and I just wanna see her get her dream

Here’s to parents

The supportive and loyal ones
The ones who push their kids to do the best they can
Who award their children when they do good
Who don’t take favorites


I’m a hot babe


I need to make new friends that will include me in plans.

one’s who want to go out and spend money with me and actually don’t only do it on my days off. people who actually consider me when making the plans, not as an afterthought or a regret. 

because whenever i wanna actually go do something it’s delayed or cancelled at the last minute because not making plans/ bailing on people is ~so cool~

i don’t even wanna go. Not after not even being originally included. Not after the bs excuse of “oh it was super last minute”. 

Having the friends you brought together make plans without you suck.

Not being invited sucks.

Having them give you annoying, bs fucking excuses suck. 

And on top of everything I feel guilty for being upset because maybe they did just wanna go without me and they don’t want me there and that would be fine if they would JUST BE FUCKING HONEST WITH ME DAMN IT.

and i’m overreacting and getting all fucking emotional about this now. ugh fuck.

Just be fucking honest with me

I literally don’t care but don’t fucking keep it from me

it’s insulting