But can we talk about how Regina called her plan “Operation Mongoose”. And how she named it that in direct opposition of Emma’s “Operation Cobra”. Mongoose are the enemy of cobras, are known to attack even King Cobras and win. Regina does not fuck around. But I wonder if Henry even realized the correlation…


Is one of those days that no matter what I wear I feel like it looks horrible. Like I feel like I just look crappy today. Which is so ridiculous because I know I look fine. My makeup us fine. My clothes are fine. Its just one of those days and I hate it. Ugh.

What’s always really weird is realizing that you are living history.

I am taking a pro-seminar class this semester and we are focusing on the time period of 1968-2008. And man that shit throws me for a loop. 2008. that was only 6 years ago. That was when the Great Recession hit and I was affected by it. My family was one of the families that had to leave their house and we did a lot of moving for almost two years. We still haven’t really recovered. My parents are renting their current house. What fucks me up is that this is history. What happened to me is history. It’s already being documented in history books. I, as a future history teacher, am gonna be telling kids about this and they’re gonna think I’m so old. Like holy fuck. 


Wow the Percy Jackson series has got some great perspective on environmental issues. Very blunt and straight to the point. I dig it.

I’m just gonna lay in bed until my uterus decides to not make me feel like i’m dying

this is the worst period i’ve had in years


i guess this is the payback of only having a period every few months

So I just saw Sea of Monsters and

I am so sorry Percy Jackson fandom.

They have made a total train wreck of book to movie adaption.

Me:*in my room by myself* I'm hungry
Me:*doesn't see any easily reachable food*
Me:oh well
Me:*stays in bed for ten years*

Sometimes I get self conscious about wearing an outfit more than a few times but then I remember that being an outfit rememberer is much worse than being an outfit repeater.

My birthday

is in 6 days and i just want a cute person to shower me in attention and cuddles.

or money.